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Midnight Jury CLASSICS Ep. 68 “SCREAM”

Originally aired on 1/27/15, Midnite Mike and Adam travel back to 1996 to start the SCREAM franchise. With the new Scream 2022 in theaters, and our upcoming review of Scream 4 looming, we figured it’s only right to bring this out of the vault after 7 years!

Midnight Jury Episode 68 *Click Link Below*


Midnight Jury LIVE! Ep. 320 “Fright Night Watchalong”

Que up the movie, turn down your TV and turn up the Jury as Mike and Cal invite you to watch along to 1985’s Fright Night!! Even if you don’t have the movie ready to watch, you can still hear it as the guys give you their thoughts!

Midnight Jury Episode 320 *Click Link Below*