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The Midnight Jury is much more than a podcast. We also do LIVE commentary for pro wrestling across the Northeastern United States and have sat ringside and called the action for many wrestling stars. The Midnight Jury has always been a review and opinion show, but guests have been known to make rare appearances. Below is a look at our past guests, along with some of the wrestlers the Midnight Jury have been ringside to deliver commentary for. We are available for bookings to wrestling promotions in the Northeast, email at:

[email protected]

Past On-Air Guests:

buffedgaleDollhouse-Jade-Marti-Bellscottyriggs2934258143_1_3received_10154711892893815fallah edJanelamaff10433079_770243103024754_8602585815986288420_n480556_10154635314945650_8200085099162491381_n10945491_10204685771559007_1762749039325606528_n

The following are some of the wrestlers the Jury has worked with and called the action ringside for:

DREAMERRobbie-EBalls-MahoneyBLUE MEANIECREDIBLEMikey_Whipwreck_-_James_Watson_03PATRIOTrukusRobbie Ibrutesriot city

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