Midnight Jury Ep. 305 “8 YEARS and review of CREED”

Mike, Cal and Adam celebrate the Jury’s 8 year Anniversary by continuing their tradition of reviewing the ROCKY story. This year we have reached 2015’s CREED! Thank you for being with us for 8 years, and we hope you enjoy!

Midnight Jury Episode 305 *Click Link Below*


Midnight Jury Ep. 302 “Porky’s”

Travel back to 1981 with the Jury as they review the raunchy comedy PORKY’S! Kids in the 80’s tried to sneak into the theatre and trick their parents into renting this film from the video store seeing it as a forbidden fruit of film. Does it hold up in 2021? Find out.

Midnight Jury Episode 302 *Click Link Below*


Midnight Jury LIVE! Ep. 301 “Back to the 80’s Trivia w/ Dr. Ocho and AQUARIUM Album review”

Mike and Cal talk some current events then bring in Dr. Ocho to take Cal on in 80’s Movie Quote Trivia! The guys end the show with a review and listen through of AQUA’s debut 1997 album Aquarium.

Midnight Jury Episode 301 *Click Link Below*