Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 45 “Heat Magnets, Larger Than Life, & Lucha Underground Review S02:E14”

While discussing No. 2 in the countdown of WrestleMania matches in the careers of Tito Santana & Andre the Giant, Handsome Dan gets into some more timely subjects like drawing heat and certain individuals in wrestling being regarded as icons. PLUS, Jay Baca joins us for this week’s Lucha Underground Review. Did “El Jefe” Dario Cueto & Company hit another one out of the park? Tune in and find out!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 4/28/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

This week we try to cut the show up and give you something different. Stubs recorded during game 6 of the Islanders before they won. We talk about Draft picks and how boring they are getting, also we chat about how brilliant upper management in Philly really is. Don’t worry about your favorite MLB team there is still plenty of baseball left to play, things will turn around, maybe. . . Finally Stubs gives you his picks in the NBA bracket.

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

Midnight Jury Ep. 131 “Superman”

We have done Batman ’89, it’s time for Superman ’78!! Mike, Adam and Cal review Christopher Reeve as he dons the cape to become the Man of Steel for the first SUPERMAN feature film!! Does it hold up to their memories as children? Tune in to find out!!

Midnight Jury Episode 131

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 44 “Faulty Finishers; PLUS, Lucha Underground Review S02:E13”

“Handsome” Dan discusses the lost art form of finishers. He also continues the countdown of WrestleMania matches in the careers of Andre the Giant & Tito Santana (#3 this week). PLUS, “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins him to review this week’s KILLER episode of Lucha Underground. It’s time to Raise Your Wrestling IQ!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 4/21/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/20/16

Stubs chats about the boring NFL draft and how little affect it should have on your fantasy picks this year. Stubs hasen’t met a person with a season long team that has ever cared about the NFL draft. Pandoval is giving big guys a bad name, or are people just finding little to no use of their time, the NHL playoffs are going well and the Filthadelphia fans are living up to their name and reputation. We say goodbye to Kobe and we talk about our beards.

Stubs Sports Radio 4/20/16

Midnight Jury Ep. 130 “WrestleMania VI”

Mike, Adam and Cal bring their review North of the border to the SkyDome in Toronto, Canada to review one of the biggest WrestleMania’s of them all: WRESTLEMANIA 6 “The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE”!! What did the guys think of the event that ended with Hulk Hogan putting his WWF Championship on the line against the Intercontinental Champion, the Ultimate Warrior? Tune in to find out!!

Midnight Jury Episode 130

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 43 “Zack Attacked, Reign-ing Down Boos, PLUS, Lucha Underground Review S02:E12”

Handsome Dan rants on recent happenings in WWE. Plus, the countdown of Andre the Giant & Tito Santana’s career WrestleMania matches continues (No. 4). Then “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins us for a review of this week’s Lucha Underground episode. All that and more on this week’s edition of The Final Say!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 4/14/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/13/16

This week we see Stubs open up and give his take On Matt Bush, a new rising star for the Texas Rangers… well, not really new, you’ll hear about it. Stubs chats a little of hockey and the NBA. AND SWEET LORD THEY DID IT! THE 76ers FINALLY HAVE 10 WINS FOR THE YEAR!!

Stubs Sports Radio 4/13/16

MIDNIGHT JURY LIVE! Balls Mahoney vs. Robbie Illuminati

On November 15th 2014, the Midnight Jury traveled to Thiel College in Greenville, PA to do their third show commentating from ringside for RPW. The Main Event of the evening was for the RPW Championship and it was a No DQ match between Balls Mahoney and Robbie Illuminati. After hearing the news of Balls Mahoney’s passing, we at the Jury pulled this from our PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED Vault, and share the match audio with you. It also happened to be Balls’ son Christopher’s Birthday.

Balls Mahoney vs. Robbie Illuminati 11/15/14