Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep.41 “What Roman Reigns is Missing, Andre the Giant & Tito Santana’s Mania matches Cont., PLUS Lucha Underground Review S02:E10”

If your top babyface is the most hated man in the company, you’re doing something wrong. The Smartest Man Not In Pro Wrestling has identified what Roman Reigns is missing. He also continues counting down the WrestleMania matches of Andre the Giant & Tito Santana (we’re up to No. 5). PLUS, WLW’s “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins Handsome Dan to discuss this week’s episode of Lucha Underground. All this and more as we #RaiseYourWrestlingIQ.

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 3/31/16

Stubs Sports Radio 3/30/16

This week marks the 15th Episode of STUBS SPORTS RADIO, can’t believe it but we are still pumping them out. We talk about RGIII finding a new home, Tebow is going to run for President (not really), NCAA Basketball and the NHL playoff race in the East is getting NUTTY! MLB makes their final roster lists for opening day and the NBA… literally NOTHING, zero energy has been spent talking about the NBA this episode because of the lack of interest of hearing everything about Golden State.

Stubs Sports Radio 3/30/16

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 40 “Sting’s Legacy, Andre the Giant & Tito Santana’s ‘Mania matches, PLUS Lucha Underground S02:E09 Review”

“Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins Handsome Dan to review “Aztec Warfare” from this week’s episode of Lucha Underground, then stays to discuss the legacy of soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer, Sting. Plus, two more matches in the WrestleMania careers of Andre the Giant and Tito Santana are reviewed. All that and more on this week’s podcast. Time to raise your IQ!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 3/24/2016

Stubs Sports Radio 3/23/16

In this episode, Stubs is finally pleased that there are owners out there not tolerating their players poor performances. We see how living in the shadows of greatness will make you run away for $72,000,000 with $37mil of it up front. BASEBALL is going to literally bring everyone closer in the world, and finally, are you really shocked that a 26-0 team could almost beat Norte Dame. All that and more from the Man, the Myth, the Legend. . . STUBS!

Stubs Sports Radio 3/23/16


Fresh out of a World Premiere Pre-Screening of BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE last night, Mike and Cal take to their portable recorder and while driving back to Philadelphia, give you their take on the most anticipated superhero movie of the year! Get excited for your movie going experience with the Jury!!

Midnight Jury Episode 125

Midnight Jury Ep. 124 “NORINGONGER/ HENNING ’16”

In this landmark Midnight Jury episode, you will hear Mike’s speech from earlier today outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall announcing his candidacy for President of the United States! Then back in the studio, Adam joins Mike via phone before his campaign speech in New Jersey to discuss their plans for the White House and to “Make America BADASS Again”!!

Midnight Jury Episode 124

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 39 “WrestleMania’s “Big Fight Feel”, Tito Santana’s Greatest ‘Mania Matches Pt.1, & Lucha Underground S02:E08″

Has WrestleMania lost that “big fight feel”? Hear what the Smartest Man Not In Professional Wrestling has to say about it. Also, over the next few episodes Handsome Dan will be counting down the greatest WrestleMania matches of two of his all-time favorites, Tito Santana and Andre the Giant. PLUS, did this week’s episode of Lucha Underground top last week’s as the new season’s best? “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca will let you know! All that and more in this week’s Final Say!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 3/17/16

Stubs Sports Radio 3/16/16

In this highly caffeinated episode, Stubs chats about everything that has been going on in the NFL, he recaps his conversation that he had with the Midnight Jury’s Mike Noringonger, and proposes an idea that will help the NBA. It’s still too early to worry about your favorite MLB making it to “Fall Ball”. Check out the blog: stubssportsradio.blogspot.com, and follow on Instagram and Twitter @stubsmcbeepster

Stubs Sports Radio 3/16/16

A Midnight Jury Interview: Easter Sunday Writer/Director, Jeremy Todd Morehead

In this special BONUS episode of the Jury, Mike talks with the writer AND director of the upcoming horror movie EASTER SUNDAY: Jeremy Todd Morehead. They talk inspirations, favorite horror franchises, the details on his movie EASTER SUNDAY, it’s release date, AND Jeremy gives us an exclusive on his upcoming project!! Celebrate the Easter season with Mike and Jeremy, and watch out for the Bunnyman… or you will be EGGsecuted!

A Midnight Jury Interview: Jeremy Todd Morehead

EASTER SUNDAY Teaser Trailer