Midnight Jury Ep. 120 “TNA, Lucha and WWF Grand Slams”

Mike and Adam discuss TNA, Lucha Underground, their backlog episodes, Cal’s absence, then review the WWF/WWE Coliseum Video “GRAND SLAMS” from 1987. Mike also entertains himself by drinking gin and remembering great moments from the 80’s and 90’s. Enjoy.

Midnight Jury Episode 120

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 36 “Shame-O-Mac, PLUS, Lucha Underground S02:E05 Review”

Handsome Dan tries to sort through the hoopla surrounding the return of Shane McMahon. Plus, Jay Baca joins us for a review of this week’s episode of Lucha Underground. And for the first time ever on the Final Say, Mike Noringonger of the Midnight Jury weighs in with his thoughts as well. You don’t want to miss this landmark episode!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 2/25/16

Stubs Sports Radio 2/24/16

For the 1st time ever, we are on location at Happle MotorSports, a custom build and repair shop in Paterson, NJ. Stubs really can’t understand the madness behind the Maple Leafs 27 draft picks, He shares his thoughts on the 100 soon to be NFL free agents. Finally Cespedes, Lets hope all of his showboating can be transferred to his bat.

Stubs Sports Radio 2/24/16

Midnight Jury Ep. 119 “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

The Jury takes you on a ride following Ferris Bueller through the streets of Chicago on his “day off”. Join Mike, Adam and Cal as they review this 1986 classic that is one of the most recognizable movies of the 80’s!!!

Midnight Jury Episode 119

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 35 “Bryan’s Retirement, Bad News for Barrett, and Lucha Underground S2 E3/4”

Handsome Dan gives his thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s retirement as well as the reports that Wade Barrett has asked for his release from WWE. Plus, “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins him for a review of Episodes 3 & 4 of Lucha Underground Season 2. Get your game faces on, it’s time to raise your IQ!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 2/18/16

Midnight Jury Ep. 118 “Valentine’s Day Special”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the Jury as they review the 80’s horror classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE. This movie held enough of an audience to spawn a remake over 25 years later. Mike, Adam and Cal break it down and tell you if it still holds up in 2016.

Midnight Jury Episode 118

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 34 “Lucha Underground S02, E02 Review: The Dark & Mysterious”

WLW Studios’ official “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins Handsome Dan again this week for his review of Lucha Underground Season 2, Episode 2: The Dark & Mysterious. There are some new faces in The Temple this season. Come find out what The Smartest Man Not In Professional Wrestling thinks about them. That and more on this week’s episode!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 2/11/16

Stubs Sports Radio 2/10/16

This week its a short one, but still plenty of stuff to talk about. Super Bowl 50 didn’t go the way Stubs thought, but is still happy with how it ended. No one will ever be able to wear the number 30 for the Devils hockey organization. The Knicks are looking for a permanent coach (again). Glow in the dark baseball jersey are the latest thing, AND SO MUCH MORE.

Stubs Sports Radio 2/10/16

A Midnight Jury Interview: Horror Director, Jeffery Thompson

Mike talks with Jeff Thompson, Director of the upcoming horror film: The Bubbleheads. Join Mike and Jeff to learn all about this project, Jeff’s inspirations when it comes to films and directors, the urban legend behind the movie and so much more! The episode link, along with the concept trailer link are posted below for your convenience! A must listen for horror fans!

A Midnight Jury Interview: Jeffery Thompson

“The Bubbleheads” Concept Trailer