Midnight Jury Christmas Special 2017: A Christmas Story

In Part 1 of our Christmas Special, the Midnight Jury takes on the holiday classic A CHRISTMAS STORY! Mike, Adam and Cal talk about the MAJOR award, memories from days past, and much more! Join us for this yule tide review!

Midnight Jury Episode 194 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury CLASSICS Ep. 18 “Christmas Special 2013”

Originally aired on 12/20/13, the Jury brought you their FIRST Christmas Special! Mike, Adam and Sydney talk Christmas memories: Toys, the reveal that there is no Santa, and so much more. Then, they review 1989’s ELVES starring Grizzly Adams himself Dan Haggarty. Finally Mike and Adam hand out lumps of coal to the WORST factions in wrestling history!!

Midnight Jury Episode 18 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury 5th Annual HALLOWEEN Special, Part 2

It is back to Haddonfield as the Jury reviews HALLOWEEN 4: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS! Each year Mike, Adam and Cal take on another film from this legendary horror series and this year is no different. Sit back, grab some popcorn and candy and get into the spirit!!

Midnight Jury Episode 189 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury Christmas Special 2016: Home Alone

In Part 2 of the Jury’s celebration of the Christmas season, the guys review the 1990 classic HOME ALONE! Also, in the intro they discuss instant coffee, and Adam’s depraved fixation with muscular women!

Midnight Jury Episode 158 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury 4th Annual HALLOWEEN Special, Part 2

When the nights grow long, and the air gets a chill, it’s time for the Midnight Jury’s HALLOWEEN Special. This year Mike, Adam and Cal review HALLOWEEN III: Season of the Witch… with only 2 more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

Midnight Jury 4th Annual HALLOWEEN Special, Part 2 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury 4th Annual HALLOWEEN Special, Part 1

Our time of year is BACK! We kick off Part 1 of our 4th Annual HALLOWEEN Special by reviewing two Halloween episodes of popular TV Shows… one from the 80’s, one from the 90’s. What TV shows did we choose? ALF and FAMILY MATTERS! Enjoy celebrating the season with us, and join us next week as we continue the fun with Part 2! Also, the Intro segment to Ep. 151 is available via Videocast! Click the link below for the FULL episode, or the YouTube link at the bottom for the Intro Videocast!

Midnight Jury 4th Annual HALLOWEEN Special *Click Here*