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Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 69 “RIP Superfly; PLUS, Wrestling’s Greatest Managers: 20-11”

We bid a fond farewell to one of the greats of the industry and a true legend, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka. Then WLW Studios’ “Lucha Liaison” Jay Baca joins Handsome Dan for Part 2 of their discussion on the Greatest Managers in Professional Wrestling History. This week, they begin the official countdown and share their thoughts on Nos. 20 through 11. Class is in session, boys and girls. It’s time to Raise Your Wrestling IQ!

Handsome Dan Episode 69 *Click Here*

Handsome Dan’s Final Say “Minimum Wage Wrestling”

“Handsome” Dan compares the current wrestling product to an episode of WWF Prime Time Wrestling from 1987. Which one comes out looking like something slung out of a minimum wage, drive-thru window? You’ll have to listen to find out. Also, could the “Monday Night Wars” have been re-named the “Cable Wars?” It’s time to raise your wrestling IQ!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 6/23/15