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Stubs Sports Radio 9/21/16

Stubs is back at it again, going over another exciting week of the NFL. We go over our overall picks for week three and hold nothing back when chatting about the TEXANS and PATRIOTS in the Thursday nights game. Stubs gets excited to talk about the World Cup of Hockey 2016 because the team with the best record has his favorite NHL goalies on it. DeGrom’s season is over, and that isn’t just a prediction that is the truth, who are the Mets going to have when they are in the playoffs?

Stubs Sports Radio 9/21/16 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 6/1/16

Well its official, Stubs is boycotting the Giants in the 2016-17 NFL season, for reasons I’m sure you’re all aware of by now. Its wasn’t hard for him to make up his mind but it is something that had to be done. STUBS calls it again, a match up of last years NBA finals and this time cheering for the CAVS. He is willing to trade his (only out of the box once) pair of KD’s in exchange for something of equal value, he makes his picks for this years MLB All-Star game and the NHL finals game one goes to. . .

Stubs Sports Radio 6/1/16

Stubs Sports Radio 5/4/2016

This week Stubs takes you on a journey… well its more like a ride along from work to home and everything n between. We chat Johnny Football and what is in store for him, the NBA playoffs (pretty much the only time of the year that the NBA is actually worth watching), not much to chat about in the world of MLB other than the Yankees really biting the big one right now, and of course NHL PLAYOFFS. Stubs literally can’t sit still for more than a minute.

Stubs Sports Radio 5/4/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

This week we try to cut the show up and give you something different. Stubs recorded during game 6 of the Islanders before they won. We talk about Draft picks and how boring they are getting, also we chat about how brilliant upper management in Philly really is. Don’t worry about your favorite MLB team there is still plenty of baseball left to play, things will turn around, maybe. . . Finally Stubs gives you his picks in the NBA bracket.

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

Stubs Sports Radio 12/24/15

Bringing you up to date picks and predictions in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. Listen as Stubs gives you insight to who is going to help your MLB and NFL teams week by week, game by game. Not only is he going to help you get the biggest bang for your buck, but he’s going to let you know what beers he’s going to be slamming down during the game.

Stub’s Sports Radio 12/24/15