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Midnight Jury 6 YEAR Anniversary Special “Rocky V”

Mike and Cal celebrate the first 5 years of the Midnight Jury by giving out the “Gavel Awards” voted on by listeners, and continuing the ROCKY series by reviewing the most controversial entry ROCKY V.

Midnight Jury Episode 249 *Click Link Below*


Squared Circle Sound Off, Ep. 66 “Enzo/RAW 25/Royal Rumble/NXT Philadelphia”

Sean kicks off the show discussing the release of Enzo Amore, gives his thoughts on RAW 25, previews NXT Philadelphia and the Royal Rumble. Also, Sean talks about attending this week’s Smackdown in DC and Jay Baca breaks down the 1989 Royal Rumble match.

Squared Circle Sound Off Ep. 66 *Click Here*

Midnight Jury Ep. 164 “Rocky III and 4 YEARS!”

The Jury celebrates their 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in style! Mike, Adam and Cal hear from Past Guests, podcast brothers and friends of the show, open the BEST gift ever, eat cake, and review 1982’s ROCKY III! Celebrate with the Jury and enjoy!

Midnight Jury Episode 164 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 5/11/16

Episode 21, it’s crazy to think that Stubs has had his home for 21 episodes but none the less, Stubs fills you in on whats going on between him and Mike from the Midnight Jury, a friendly but intense fued on Twitter, and the awesome guys over at BEARDBOOZE.COM say that they will be the judge of whatever we are doing. . . We chat about Baseball for a majority of the first half of the show, and again talk about how stupid the Philadelphia Eagles really are. The ONLY TIME to watch the NBA is now, and YES we are cheering for Cleveland.
We introduce the one beer drinking Instagram that has the STUBS stamp of approval and will let you know what they are drinking.

Stubs Sports Radio 5/11/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

This week we try to cut the show up and give you something different. Stubs recorded during game 6 of the Islanders before they won. We talk about Draft picks and how boring they are getting, also we chat about how brilliant upper management in Philly really is. Don’t worry about your favorite MLB team there is still plenty of baseball left to play, things will turn around, maybe. . . Finally Stubs gives you his picks in the NBA bracket.

Stubs Sports Radio 4/27/16

Stubs Sports Radio 4/13/16

This week we see Stubs open up and give his take On Matt Bush, a new rising star for the Texas Rangers… well, not really new, you’ll hear about it. Stubs chats a little of hockey and the NBA. AND SWEET LORD THEY DID IT! THE 76ers FINALLY HAVE 10 WINS FOR THE YEAR!!

Stubs Sports Radio 4/13/16

Midnight Jury Ep. 122 “St. Patrick’s Special III”

Mike, Adam and Cal celebrate the holiday by once again jumping into the LEPRECHAUN franchise. This time it’s Part 3, and he heads to Las Vegas to retrieve his gold and the Jury gives you their thoughts! Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!!

Midnight Jury Episode 122

Midnight Jury Ep. 121 “3 Years and ROCKY II”

The Jury celebrates their three year anniversary by breaking kayfabe in the intro about the absence of Sydney Chadwick. After the break “Philadelphia’s PREMIERE Pop Culture Podcast” reviews and celebrates “Philadelphia’s Favorite Son” in 1979’s ROCKY 2!

Midnight Jury Episode 121

Stubs Sports Radio 2/10/16

This week its a short one, but still plenty of stuff to talk about. Super Bowl 50 didn’t go the way Stubs thought, but is still happy with how it ended. No one will ever be able to wear the number 30 for the Devils hockey organization. The Knicks are looking for a permanent coach (again). Glow in the dark baseball jersey are the latest thing, AND SO MUCH MORE.

Stubs Sports Radio 2/10/16

Stubs Sports Radio 1/14/16

Stubs starts a Blog? Yup, that’s right, you can see the outline to the shows before they happen, help add content and be apart of the process.


He also chats about 2 NHL 1st timers, the Rams are grazing toward Los Angeles and the 76er’s just SUCK! Stubs lends his thoughts into what “TANKING” is and is it cool for your kids, lol, and don’t forget, Stubs makes his PICKS and PREDICTIONS for this weekends NFL GAMES!

Stubs Sports Radio 1/14/16