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Stubs Sports Radio 10/19/16

Episode 39 is finally here!!! After much waiting Stubs couldn’t go another week without giving you his thoughts on what’s going on in the wide world of sports, mainly week 6 of the NFL! WHAT A WEEK!! It has been a roller coaster needless to say!
He also chats about the beginnings of the NBA and NHL seasons and Baseball is almost over… WHAT A YEAR.

Stubs Sports Radio 10/19/16 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 9/21/16

Stubs is back at it again, going over another exciting week of the NFL. We go over our overall picks for week three and hold nothing back when chatting about the TEXANS and PATRIOTS in the Thursday nights game. Stubs gets excited to talk about the World Cup of Hockey 2016 because the team with the best record has his favorite NHL goalies on it. DeGrom’s season is over, and that isn’t just a prediction that is the truth, who are the Mets going to have when they are in the playoffs?

Stubs Sports Radio 9/21/16 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 1/14/16

Stubs starts a Blog? Yup, that’s right, you can see the outline to the shows before they happen, help add content and be apart of the process.


He also chats about 2 NHL 1st timers, the Rams are grazing toward Los Angeles and the 76er’s just SUCK! Stubs lends his thoughts into what “TANKING” is and is it cool for your kids, lol, and don’t forget, Stubs makes his PICKS and PREDICTIONS for this weekends NFL GAMES!

Stubs Sports Radio 1/14/16