Squared Circle Sound Off Ep. 60 “Cabana Man Dan”

Cabana Man Dan takes some time out of his day to talk with Sean about his career, adversities, triumphs, side projects, his Nova Pro tryout experience, teaming with Ace Perry and Sage Phillips at 11th Dimension and much, much more.

Jay Baca opens up the Lucha Lounge for a special Christmas edition.

Squared Circle Sound Off Ep. 60 *Click Here*

Handsome Dan’s Final Say Ep. 18 “A Workman and a Scholar, Part One”

Jimmo Workman, a wrestling blogger & all-around good mate, joins The Smartest Man Not In Professional Wrestling for a scholarly discussion. They hit on multiple topics including the sad state of affairs in WWE and the gradual decline of wrestling in general. Did it happen overnight? Or was it a long time coming? And what was the cause of it all? Find the answers here!

Handsome Dan’s Final Say 10/7/15