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Stubs Sports Radio 7/6/16

This week Stubs talks about all of the awesome free agency things that are going on in both the NHL in the NBA. We have the return of a warrior (if you will) with Jose Reyes come back to the Mets, and it’s a good thing that the captain steps up and basically says that everyone’s been thinking. At this point we go through the top 100 players of the NFL but we pretty much stopped at 10, Stubbs gets his kicks from what he thinks will be the top teams in the NFC and the AFC and plenty more to talk about!

Stubs Sports Radio 7/6/16 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 6/8/16

It’s EPISODE 25 and we are 1/4 of the way to 100! This week Stubs makes a promise that will be hard to keep, but he will do it no matter what it takes. We talk about the NFL QBs that are “showing” promise, we chat about the NBA finals with the hopes that it is not a repeat of last year, and the NHL (what a crazy ride it has been). We debunk the “GREAT ONES” Sid the Kid statement and explain why we are frustrated with the success of a certain Washington National.

Stubs Sports Radio 6/8/16