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Stubs Sports Radio 6/22/16

This week we look at the BIG WINNERS and the BIG LOSERS throughout the wide world of sports, and for the record, since the very first episode, Stubs has been giving you pretty good predictions as to who is going to win the biggest games in sports. Not too bad if you ask us. We find out that Steven A. Smith is 0-6 when it comes to picking an NBA champion and so far Stubs is 1-0.

Stubs Sports Radio 6/22/16 *Click Here*

Stubs Sports Radio 6/15/16

Due to technical difficulties, this weeks episode of Stubs Sports Radio is a bit shorter. No fear, next week Stubs should be back in full force, but until then listen to Stubs talk what he knows best… the world of SPORTS!!

Stubs Sports Radio 6/15/16