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Stubs Sports Radio 5/4/2016

This week Stubs takes you on a journey… well its more like a ride along from work to home and everything n between. We chat Johnny Football and what is in store for him, the NBA playoffs (pretty much the only time of the year that the NBA is actually worth watching), not much to chat about in the world of MLB other than the Yankees really biting the big one right now, and of course NHL PLAYOFFS. Stubs literally can’t sit still for more than a minute.

Stubs Sports Radio 5/4/16

Stubs Sports Radio 3/30/16

This week marks the 15th Episode of STUBS SPORTS RADIO, can’t believe it but we are still pumping them out. We talk about RGIII finding a new home, Tebow is going to run for President (not really), NCAA Basketball and the NHL playoff race in the East is getting NUTTY! MLB makes their final roster lists for opening day and the NBA… literally NOTHING, zero energy has been spent talking about the NBA this episode because of the lack of interest of hearing everything about Golden State.

Stubs Sports Radio 3/30/16