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Midnight Jury Ep. 134 “The Mike and Cal Show”

Mike and Cal spend this Friday the 13th not reviewing a movie in the series (Which one would expect), but drinking a lot and talking about everything the can think up. They will make you laugh, the will piss you off! Topics include: Guns N Roses, the Misfits, he Calvin Klein ad, Stubs and Mike’s feud and Civil War bearded hipsters. They spend a lot of time discussing their WIDE range in musical taste, and much more!!

Midnight Jury Episode 134

Stubs Sports Radio 4/20/16

Stubs chats about the boring NFL draft and how little affect it should have on your fantasy picks this year. Stubs hasen’t met a person with a season long team that has ever cared about the NFL draft. Pandoval is giving big guys a bad name, or are people just finding little to no use of their time, the NHL playoffs are going well and the Filthadelphia fans are living up to their name and reputation. We say goodbye to Kobe and we talk about our beards.

Stubs Sports Radio 4/20/16