Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Episode 1

The guys finally get on the case after watching episode 1 of MURDER IN SMALL TOWN X. They recap the episode, go over all 15 suspects and 10 investigators. In the end they provide you with their Top 3 Suspects, and which contestant is the bitch/dick of the week!

Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Episode 1 *Click Link Below*


If you haven’t watched… Murder in Small Town X Episode 1 link below…


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Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Pilot Episode

Join the Jury and help solve a murder! Mike, Cal and Tony discuss the premise of this 9 part series, their stories from 20 years ago that inspired this idea and how YOU can play along!!

Midnight Jury in Small Town X, Pilot Episode *Click Link Below*


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Midnight Jury LIVE! Ep. 320 “Fright Night Watchalong”

Que up the movie, turn down your TV and turn up the Jury as Mike and Cal invite you to watch along to 1985’s Fright Night!! Even if you don’t have the movie ready to watch, you can still hear it as the guys give you their thoughts!

Midnight Jury Episode 320 *Click Link Below*


Midnight Jury LIVE! Ep. 317 “80’s w/ the Ocho and Ace of Base”

Dr. Ocho once again takes on Cal in 80’s Trivia, but thos time co-host Eddie is back to make it interesting. The Jury also listens to, and reviews the Ace of Base album “The Sign”!

Midnight Jury Episode 317 *Click Link Below*


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